New November Background Packs!

Two fresh packs of visuals for your screens.

8 Styles to Create the Perfect Moment.

The Jesus Visuals are perfect to create a special moment in your worship service and highlight the name of Jesus across your screens. With 8 different styles and over 75+ modular elements, these visuals can easily be arranged to fit the timing of a song with unique builds and transitions.

With a Visual Revival membership, you’ll get access to the entire Media Library of worship motion background packs and new packs released monthly. You’ll get access to the new October packs Infinite Color & Forest Drive. Plus and Pro memberships also get access to The Jesus Visuals.


$ 250 $250 Yearly Renewal


$ 299 $299 Yearly Renewal


$ 449 $449 Yearly Renewal

New Packs Released Monthly

Get access to new packs released on the first of every month, included with all memberships. Keep your church content fresh and up to date with new church backgrounds.
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Access to entire Media Library

Get access to the entire media library of church worship backgrounds with a Plus or Pro membership and start downloading new looping motion packs. Explore the Media Library.

Up to 6K Resolution

Visual Revival is the first church media company to offer 6K resolution church backgrounds in 10-bit color to meet the demands of large LED walls and projector screens. Pro Membership offers unmatched quality for your church.
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Access to this Months' Packs

Get instant access to this months' background packs and all January releases with any membership. Check out this months packs:
Infinite & Forest Falls

Why we do it

For the last six years, we’ve been working at Saddleback Church in Southern California, creating visuals for the live worship services. We realized that there was not enough high-quality media available for churches, and that the content we made could have a huge impact for the local church. Using the experience we gained from creating content for hundreds of live worship services, we started Visual Revival to help make the worship experiences at your church emotionally impactful and spiritually meaningful. We are passionate about reaching people for Jesus through visual media and hope we can help you and your church lead others for Christ.

Get 4 free motion backgrounds

Try out our motion backgrounds in 4K of Full HD resolution and see how they make an impact at your church.