Before Visual Revival, I studied filmmaking and made creative videos at Saddleback Church in Southern California. 

When I’m not making media, I’m out hiking, making tasty food, or watching great films.



I grew up helping my church with their media and worship, before joining Saddleback Church in 2014. Having volunteered in church production since 2010, I’ve seen the worship experience change drastically and loved being able to help make it better.

Outside of Visual Revival, I travel a ton and love playing with any new piece of gear I can.


EST. 2019

While creating visuals for the live worship services together, we realized there wasn’t enough high-quality media available for churches, and that the visuals we were making could have a huge impact for other churches. 

Using our experience creating media for hundreds of live worship services, we started Visual Revival with a goal to make the worship experiences at your church emotionally impactful and spiritually meaningful. We are passionate about reaching people for Jesus through visual media and hope we can help you and your church lead others for Christ.