How does a Visual Revival subscription plan work?

With a subscription plan you’ll get unlimited access to our Media Library to download any content to use in your church worship services, events, livestreams and more. You’ll also get access to all new media added every month so you always have fresh content for your screens.

Will this media work on my projector or LED Screen?

Yes! All of our media has intentionally been designed to work across a wide variety of LED walls and projector setups. We offer Premium-Quality 4K files and Doublewide & Triplewide formats to cover all your church’s needs.

Will the media work with my software?

Visual Revival is compatible with all presentation software including ProPresenter, Resolume, EasyWorship, MediaShout, Proclaim, Power Point, Keynote, and more.

What is the licensing for the media I download?

You can check out the Visual Revival Media License here.

Can I use Visual Revival content in my livestream?

Yes! Our license covers all media for use in your Church Livestreams.

How often is new media added?

New media is always being added to our library on a monthly if not weekly basis.

What is included with the Pro Plan?

The Pro Plan includes our highest quality media and formats with 4K Pro Resolution, Ultrawide Formats, Pro Video Codec, 10-Bit Color Quality, exclusive Pro Media & Files, and Photoshop Templates.

Why is the Monthly Membership a 12 month commitment?

The reason we do a 12 month commitment is because many churches prefer to pay on a monthly basis instead of the larger upfront cost of one annual payment. We chose to make it a 12 month commitment because members get full access to the entire media library with the first monthly payment. The 12 month commitment helps prevent people from signing up for one month, downloading all of the content in the media library, and then canceling their account after only making one payment. The server download fees alone can be more expensive than the first monthly payment. This helps ensure that we can continue to provide the best content for you and all of our members!

What happens after I make 12 monthly payments?

If you have a monthly subscription plan, after you make 12 monthly payments, your account will switch to a month to month commitment.

Do I need a Multi-Site License?

If your church has multiple campuses (locations at different addresses), then we’d love to help you with a Multi-Site License at a discounted rate. You can learn more about Multi-Site Plans here.

Will my purchased media be watermarked like the previews?

Nope! Any purchased media or download with a paid subscription will be watermark free.

How do I upgrade my subscription plan?

To upgrade your plan, please contact us here.

If I cancel my subscription do I lose access to the media library?

To use Visual Revival media and content you must have an active membership. If you cancel your membership, you will no longer have access to the Media Library and your license to use all Visual Revival media will end. You can learn more by reading the full license terms here.

When can I cancel a monthly subscription plan?

Monthly subscription plans are a 12 month commitment. To cancel a monthly subscription plan, you must first make all 12 monthly payments. After 12 monthly payments are made, a monthly subscription plan can be canceled at anytime.

When can I cancel a yearly subscription plan?

A yearly subscription plan can be cancelled at anytime. When an account is canceled, it will remain active until the next renewal date, and then it will be canceled and will lose all access to the media library and the license to use all media

How can I cancel a subscription plan?

To cancel your membership, sign-in to your account and click on the “Account” button in the top right corner. On the left side account menu, click the “Plan & Billing” tab. On the “Plan & Billing” page, scroll down to “Payments” section and under “Next Payment” click “Manage Payments”. Then select “Cancel”. At the bottom of the cancel page click the red cancel button to cancel your account. Please contact us if we can help in anyway.

Still have a question? We’re here to help.