License Terms Agreement


Memberships gives an unlimited license to all accessible content, (within the terms of the content license below) that will remain active as long as the account is active and not overdue or cancelled. If an account becomes overdue or cancelled, the member will lose their license and access to all Visual Revival Content and will no longer be permitted to use the Content in any future projects, works, or in live event settings. Any existing projects or works created during an active membership will maintain a perpetual license.


Individual Purchase:

Individually purchased Content gives a perpetual license of the purchased Content for use within the terms of the Content license below. 


Content License:

Permitted uses:

  1. Download and install Visual Revival Content in one location per one purchased campus license or one individual purchase of content. You may physically transfer the content from one location to another but it may only be used at one campus or location per purchased campus license at a time. For multi-campus license memberships, click here.
  2. Make one copy of the Content for the purpose of a backup.
  3. Use product(s) on an unlimited, royalty-free basis, assuming all other manners of this agreement have been followed.
  4. Use the Content in a live event setting commercial or non-commercial. 
  5. Broadcast or live stream the Content over the Internet or Television as part of a live production or live event such as a worship service, conference or concert. 
  6. Edit or change the Content in any way, assuming all other manners of this agreement have been followed.
  7. Use the Content as part of transformative work that substantially alters or changes the Content into what would be considered a new work or project. 


Prohibited Uses:

  1. You may not do anything with the Content that is not expressly permitted. 
  2. Resell the Content in any form to anyone and by any means.
  3. Distribute the Content to other site locations, churches or businesses.
  4. Provide the Content in any downloadable format on the Internet.
  5. Publish, distribute, or post content standalone anywhere online including websites, social media, YouTube and all other video hosting and distribution platforms. 

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