Visual Revival has four core values: move audiences, be bold, quality matters, and empower people. All of our visuals are made with these values in mind to help you make an impact at your church. 


Move your audience with powerful visuals that evoke spiritual responses to the music and tell the emotional stories of the songs you play. Set the tone for worship with the visuals you display.


Be bold and make an impact in your congregation with visuals that push the creative limits of the Church.

Quality Matters

As visuals continue to drive the look and feel of church services, the demands for higher quality content have increased. Visual Revival is the first church media company to offer 6K resolution backgrounds in 10-bit color to meet the demands of large LED walls and projector screens. Pro Membership offers unmatched quality.


6K images have 134% more pixels than 4K, bringing the best detail and sharpness to your screens.


10-bit features over one billion color possibilities, bringing true-to-life colors and eliminating banding and artifacts across large screens.


The H.265 videos we deliver are near impossible to tell apart from our master files at only a fraction of the size, saving you hard drive space while bringing the best image quality.


Backgrounds That Work

Our worship backgrounds loop seamlessly and are distraction free. Designed for text and lyrics to look great on top every time.

a choice For Every mood

From fast-paced songs to intimate and focused moments, our media library has the perfect backgrounds to set the tone.

Carefully Curated

Each background is hand-picked and perfected so you don't have to sift through large libraries of sub-par content. Find what you're looking for without the mess.

Why we do it

For the last six years, we’ve been working at Saddleback Church in Southern California, creating visuals for the live worship services. We realized that there was not enough high-quality media available for churches, and that the content we made could have a huge impact for the local church. Using the experience we gained from creating content for hundreds of live worship services, we started Visual Revival to help make the worship experiences at your church emotionally impactful and spiritually meaningful. We are passionate about reaching people for Jesus through visual media and hope we can help you and your church lead others for Christ.


Join the Church Media Revolution.

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